Oil Refinery Systems

It offers a wide variety of product and system solutions, including hydro treatment, feed and product storage, compressors, filtration, cooling water systems and many other applications.

Systems that control, monitor and report upstream, midstream and downstream processes, including water disposal systems; oil and gas processing and refining systems; oil and gas well monitoring; emergency and safety shutdown systems; fire and gas detection; service and power generation, distribution and monitoring systems.

Automated systems for advanced oil and gas recovery processes, including gas injection; chemical injection; microbial injection; and thermal injection via steam generation and distribution.

Automatic systems for dehydration and processing of produced liquids and gases, including waste gas treatment; wastewater treatment; oil and gas separation, metering, storage, use and refining.

Automation solutions for various agency regulatory requirements such as continuous emission monitoring and reporting; spill prevention, detection and control systems; and custody transfer control, monitoring and reporting.