Potable Water Treatment

Power and control panel designs of all units that make up the treatment plant, design of automation scenarios, PLC-Scada system software, field cabling and panning installation and commissioning trainings are carried out on a turnkey basis by our expert technical team.

Electrical projects are prepared in line with the customer's request and in accordance with the system infrastructure. In accordance with the prepared electrical projects, MCC panel manufacturing, PLC Scada software and field assembly of the whole system are made.

With the constructed electrical scenarios, the treatment plants are operated automatically and the need for labor is minimized. The operation of the system is monitored, remotely controlled and reported over PLC-SCADA systems. During the operation phase, all warnings required for maintenance-repair are reported to the operator via the automation system. In this way, maintenance plans are automatically followed. The system is operated with high efficiency and its operating life is extended.

» Sand, Carbon, Osmosis Applications

» Waste Water Treatment Plant Automation

» Drinking Water Plant Automation

» Sea Water Treatment System

» Co-Aging Pump Applications

» Sludge Drying Plant Automation

» Mud Squeezing Machine Automation

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