Panel Automation Revision Processes

Automation companies, manufacturers and end users can be supported by any company that needs technical support in automation projects, revision projects, panel design, product selection, installation and commissioning of PLC and Scada equipment.

– Projects to replace all electrical components of the old or idle machine,
Within the scope of revisions, it carries out complete revision and renovation works of old and unusable machines, including PLC and IO modules, Servo-Asynchronous motors and Motor drivers, Panel and switchgear materials, cables and optionally sensor switches and other devices. The electrical parts of machines, benches and lines, whose mechanical parts are strong or with minor problems, can be easily changed and adapted to the system mechanics easily. It is also possible to use the electrical equipment that is already working and usable in the system, without changing it according to the customer's wishes.

-Replacing the machines commissioned with old PLC or Operator panels with modern devices, making program upgrades, loading back-ups,

It is an expensive, troublesome and risky process to obtain the PLC and operator panels, which are no longer in production, from second hand or spare scope. In order to ensure the continuity of the machine or system, it would be a more appropriate practice to replace the defective equipment with up-to-date technological products.

-Services such as adding additional IO or different modules to the system, commissioning, designing a new screen,

It is possible to connect additional modules and equipment to the running system under appropriate conditions and integrate them into the system.

-Product selection, configuration, licensing software upgrades and providing support on different issues,