Safety Automation

For Industrial Machinery and Production Lines (2006/42/AT), Risk Assessment studies and reports are made based on the Machinery Safety Regulation and the latest published standards in EU standards.

Analyzes of accidents are made according to the following elements:

  • Man-made hazards
  • Design hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Physical and chemical hazards
  • Sample accident investigations

Below are some of the following regulations and standards that are taken as a basis for the Risk Assessment:

  • Machinery Safety Directive – 2006/42/AT
  • Safety in machinery – General principles for design – Evaluation and mitigation of risk

(ISO 12100:2010)

  • EN/IEC 61508: Electrical/electronic/programmable electronic system functional safety of safety-related parts
  • EN/IEC 61511: Functional safety – Safe instrument systems for the process industry sector
  • EN/IEC 62061: Safety of machinery – Functional safety of electrical, electronic and electronic control systems of safe parts
  • EN 954: Machinery safety – Safety-related parts of the control system
  • EN ISO 13849: Machinery safety – Safety-related parts of the control system
  • EN ISO 13857:2008 Protection Area Height and Barrier Spacing Safety distance calculation


After the Risk Assessment, the safety design of the system is made and the category and Safety Performance (PL) Level of each risk is determined. In the light of these data, field safety equipment (Emergency stop, Light curtain, Door monitoring, Safety PLC etc.) is determined and application is made.

After the application, the safety function of each risk is tested, verified and reported.