Machine Industry Process Automation

What is Machine Automation?

According to the definition stated in the TDK : "A set of gears, gears and various gear parts to convert any energy into another energy, to do a job using a certain power, or to create an effect."

From this point of view, machines used in the industrial field today usually consist of a combination of mechanical, electrical and software parameters to perform an action.

Machine automation is a mechanical system that works automatically according to the commands and conditions determined by the programmer with the help of a PLC or controller, depending on the application of the machine.

With machine automation, dependency on manpower can be reduced, lean or unmanned production can be achieved.

Classic and smart operating technologies that keep Industry 4.0 on offer completely new possibilities for machine automation. Machine automation requirements vary from industry to industry. There are specific requirements and processes for many different applications to be considered in the industry.

We support you from the very beginning with our know-how: from the planning of your automation concept to the selection and commissioning of the appropriate drive and automation technology and software - and more.

In the first stage, your machines have functionality. Therefore, all processes are handled.

All input and output interfaces , all functional parts of the machine, possible system interfaces , application features and much more, and the course of the machine must be fully taken into account.

In this way, we help you find the best possible solution for the automation concept best suited to your machines. As your solution partner in the field of machine automation, we offer you all our knowledge and experience.